Aaron: Super charged Goal Setting

Aaron: Super charged Goal Setting

I confess, I am enjoying the heck out of Raymond Aaron's Double Your Income Doing What You LoveDouble Your Income Doing What You Love. What, specifically, has caught my fancy? Aaron's no-nonsense approach to success, goal-setting, and getting on track for one; his confidence in his methods for another; and the feeling of hope and excitement that his writing gives me.

After reading a Chapter, I totally feel that even I can do this system and have it work for me. And it is a system. Aaron has been running a Monthly Mentoring program for years and he has developed his tools with hundreds (or thousands?), of clients. He is utterly confident that they will work, for you, for me, for everyone.

And, moreover, he is totally convinced that we all deserve to live lives of joy and love, following our loves and fulfilling our life missions.

I actually feel motivated to sit down and fill out the monthly goal setting sheets, setting challenges for myself just to see what will happen. The most unique feature of his goal-setting approach, at least for me, is the MTO. Each goal set, in each of six categories, has three possible achievement levels: there is the Minimum level that you know you can achieve, the Target level that would be a bit of a stretch, and the Outrageous level that you can't even imagine completing. Aaron explains that his clients regularly report achieving the Outrageous levels without even trying – he calls this achieving automagically.

He also provides a score-keeping system to see how you are doing and quite correctly reminds the reader that even if all you do is think about and set your goals monthly you belong to an elite group of achievers. And isn't that reassuring for those of us who do not always achieve our goals.