Vallée: What is the Great Shift

Vallée: What is the Great Shift

I've now finished Kryon's section of the book, as well, as Mary Magdalen's, and am now almost done the communication by the Hathors. I'm getting the feeling that this is kind of an Intro to the work of these beings, since the Hathors are the only ones I am familiar with to any extent I can only go by their section, but it seems to be an overview of their main themes, not groundbreaking new work.

That doesn't mean it isn't good to read again, though, the reminder to use the Holon of Balance is always appreciated, for instance. The Holon of Balance is a geometric figure you create in your mind's eye to surround anything that needs protection, stability and balance, like yourself for instance. It is a double five-sided, square-based pyramid, joined at the bases. It basically forms a big 3D diamond around you, protecting you from overwhelming external energies. The key is that it must be practiced until it can be done effortlessly.

I believe that The Great ShiftThe Great Shift, though not directly explained yet, refers to the anticipation that our world is moving to a faster, or higher, vibratory rate – foretold by beings such as the Hathors. This change in vibration brings with it great turbulence as the old ways of thinking and existing necessarily disintegrate and new ways emerge. It can be a time of great struggle and trauma for people, as they resist the change that is happening. According to these beings, the best thing that we can do, each of us individually, is to raise our own awareness and energy, learning to think in new ways and perceive the world through new eyes.

And that is reassuring, is it not, with all the fears surrounding the end of the Mayan calendar and our current world events, to realize that it is not the end of the world, though it could be that if we refuse to change, but the end of our current paradigm and the birth of a new. As my wonderful Shamanic astrologer, Sao, said, we are moving from the murky age of Pisces to the brilliant, laser-like clarity of Aquarius. I can hardly wait! I'm looking forward to the end of patriarchy, the end of ecocidal suicide, and the end of corporate ownership of my life.

Continuing from my previous post, I went to Kryon's website and found some more explanation of how to exist within a 'Lightworker's suit' in the extensive Q&A. First, Kryon cautions us that, "Your work isn't evangelistic, and you never have to tell anyone how you feel." Good news already, no pressure here. The cool things is that regardless of whether you consider yourself a Lightworker or not, Kryon's advice sounds pretty helpful to anyone trying to live a more authentic life. So here it is:


Love yourself to the degree that you're no longer in drama about anything.
Become so peaceful with your life and your situations that you can co-create anything you need in appropriateness.
Send light to dark places, for you are powerful. Let your light shine so that others may see in areas where they didn't before. Take quiet 'alone time' for this.
Never be concerned that you may not be helping anyone, for you are.
Never tell anyone what you believe unless they ask.


The result? Get ready to have lots of visitors who just 'want to be around you.' Be prepared for a family to love you more than ever… even if you're a bit odd. [Smile] Get ready to help the planet around you seemingly without a single soul knowing what you're really doing. But also know that there's a legion of angels at your side who love you dearly and will always be there when you need them. Can you talk about it? Yes. Someday when someone comes to you and asks how it is that you're peaceful, joyful, and wise, then you can say, 'Because I found God in myself.'


Awesome. And to end with even more awesomeness, I've included Tom's Heart Alignment, he is a truly gifted sound healer, and listening to this piece, I could feel my heart opening.

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