Create Work-Life Balance with Our Healing Meditation

Entrepreneurs Toolkit #2:
Restoring and Rejuvenating Your Body

Welcome to Part 2 of our Entrepreneurs Toolkit, we'll be looking at a critical mistake that many entrepreneurs make that keep them stressed and sliding toward burnout.

Remember that last time, we looked at how balanced your life was with a great tool called the Wheel of Life. Did you do the exercise? (If you didn't, it's okay, you can do it here.) Today we're looking at how you did in the 'Physical' slice of the Wheel of Life?

When I run my workshops I find that many of us are not taking proper care of our own health needs. We are running on empty and so tired that we don't have time to figure out how to really take control of our business.

In order for you to build your heart-centred business, you need to take care of yourself. Too often we allow our lives to run us into the ground and it has to stop if you want to be as powerful in the world as you can be.

We're usually so busy taking care of everyone else that we neglect our own health and energy levels – and that's a recipe for disaster. If you aren't sourcing yourself, you won't be able to help anyone else. And that spells doom for your business and for your life.

The good news is that you don't have to be perfect right now – you just need to take some action. Any action. A little baby step.

So I have a challenge for you.

I want you to relax. Right now.

Take 23 minutes that are just for you. Invest in your own health now.

Can you do that? If not now, then when? Do you have it scheduled? 23 minutes… it's not that much.

I want to share a meditation that I created for my clients. This is my gift for you.

You'll experience the feeling of bringing healing energy into your body in a beautiful location and hearing the soothing sounds that you have to hear to know that you are relaxing.

It's a total immersion. And in just 23 minutes you'll make your body healthier, build rapport between your conscious and unconscious minds, and create a new paradigm for your body to operate in.

Access the meditation here.

Listen to it once. Listen to it every day.

(Just not while driving! Seriously.)

You can do it. You can take care of yourself so that you can be powerful in the rest of your life.