Wise Words from the Tao Oracle

Wise Words from the Tao Oracle

From Ma Deva Padma, the woman who created the Osho Zen TarotOsho Zen Tarot, the Tao OracleTao Oracle is an equally beautiful and powerful oracle deck that I've owned for ages but have only recently begun to work with.

This is the card I pulled a few weeks ago in the midst of organizing chaos and a concerted effort to start cleaning up my emotional, physical and spiritual 'messes'.

18. Work on What Has Been Spoiled … "The tragedy of ecological disasters brought on by human negligence is something we have all witnessed in the media, or even firsthand. Most of us weren't directly involved in the creation of these crises. But we all participate in gross, irresponsible thinking or doing at some time or another.

Our internal attitudes set the tone of our reality. We create oil slicks in our relationships and toxic spills within our own minds. We dump mental garbage on loved ones, friends, and neighbors. We allow our emotional fires to run rampant, destroying all that comes in their path. Begin the work of cleaning up and restoring balance in your own small self first. Give it your total love and attention. Be forgiving and absolutely diligent. You and the world will be better for it." …

I used to dream of saving the world, in fact I was on my way towards becoming a lawyer and working at the UN to accomplish just that purpose. I'm not saying that thinking globally is wrong, but, slowly, slowly, (as I can be quite dense!) this philosophy has penetrated through to my core. If we could all focus on our own small selves and create oases of peace and love, the world would be better for it.

What messes do you need to work on?


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