Pert: The Molecules of Emotion

Pert: The Molecules of Emotion

Whew! I've been taking a bit of a breather from non-fiction this past week to fly through The Cider House RulesThe Cider House Rules by John Irving. And then, needing something much fluffier, I read The Wheel of DarknessThe Wheel of Darkness by Preston and Childs while I was at the cottage this weekend. Great fiction reading, and I was very pleased to make the acquaintance of Agent Pendergast and his super-human know-everything and everyone-ness. He reminded me of Ozymandias from the WatchmenWatchmen.

Last week I realized, again, that I have several books on the go at once, and have written none of the Final Reviews that I had planned. So, I've made myself a promise to not buy any more book, nor start any new ones until I finish all the ones that I have on the go and write the final reviews for them, as well as for the ones that I've finished since I started the site.

However, when I get all that done, I am totally going to find myself a copy of Candace Pert's Molecules of EmotionMolecules Of Emotion. Pert is one of the interviewees in What the "Bleep" Do We Know?What the Bleep Do We Know!?, which I've talked about before, and a scientific researcher who has created an impressive and inspiring body of work on how the 'emotion molecules,' or neuropeptides affect almost every aspect of our bodies and lives.

I was listening to Stephen Edwards' audio program Your Miracle Life from Nightingale-Conant this morning and he mentioned that Pert's book was a memoir and since I love memoir this book sounds even more important to read. Pert brings a critical eye to the 'Palace,' as she calls the NIH, and sheds some light on the exclusive and male-dominated world of high-level scientific research. Plus, she seems really cool.

I can hardly wait.

That's the plan, then: finish the seven or so books that are currently underway and Review-as-I-Read until they are done and, at the same time, start to prepare some Final Reviews. Once I catch up, then I can dive into a whole new group of books. Except for Through Black SpruceThrough Black Spruce, the next Book Club book.


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