OSHO & Smith: Connecting to Nature and Creativity

OSHO & Smith: Connecting to Nature and Creativity

Today's Osho Zen TarotOsho Zen Tarot spread connects in a wonderful way with the reading I did yesterday on David Smith's new book, Honoring the Sacred EarthHonoring the Sacred Earth – at least the left-hand cards do.

With the right-hand I chose the Page of Clouds: Mind, which I also chose earlier this week, and XVIII: Past Lives. Interesting, I've never chosen Past Lives before, and this was the only card which was not reversed. Past Lives tells us that we need to examine the deeply-rooted beliefs and patterns, that come from past karmic experiences, that we are allowing to run our lives unconsciously. It urges us to become aware these patterns, through a strong meditative practice, so that we can release them, unburden ourselves, and move forward with a lighter heart and mind. Which is, of course, what the Mind card is also telling me to do – to let go of the internal dramas so that I can open up to the experience of this life.

The left-hand cards are an indication of what to do with my Mind and Heart once I get out of my drama, and to help me get out of the drama. The 3 of Fire: Experiencing is a strong suggestion to reconnect to Nature, to commune, to approach with reverence, that which is ancient and without fanfare. It is true I have not been doing this enough, even though I have a large and lush backyard that is just full of nature. I've also been invited on a day trip to the beach in a few weeks – I think I'll do that as well. Finally, I chose one of my favourite cards, III: Creativity, the call to connect with the divine, and in that union to allow creator's creation to create. I read the very same thing in Smith's book yesterday – paint, sculpt, take photos, write, sing, make music, do anything that allows you to feel the joyful creative force.

I did put it on my Goals list but I have not figured out what to do. Perhaps, today, I will sit outside and work on my next book.

What will you do? Inspire me with your ideas.

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