How Are Your Energy Levels?

How Are Your Energy Levels?

Many of us drag our way through the days: sleeping poorly, waking up tired, feeling that dreaded after-lunch lull and finally falling into bed far too late in the evening.

With a job, kids, parents, and volunteering all demanding our passion and time it can feel almost impossible to keep up.

We fuel our bodies with simple carbs and caffeine to give us quick energy and then require a few drinks to calm down at the end of the day.

Why are we so tired?

What if you aren’t getting what you need to be healthy?

The truth is, you aren’t. The vast majority of North American do not have a diet that provides them with the vitamins and minerals their body requires to function at its best. We eat too many carbs and not enough fresh fruits and vegetables.

What makes it even worse is that our soils become more depleted every year, meaning that even when we do try to eat a healthy, balanced diet, we aren’t getting what we need.

The AMA recommended, in 2002, that every adult needs to take a multi-vitamin and -mineral supplement to help make up for dietary shortcomings.

As a result of growing awareness about this issue, sales of multi-vitamins have increased dramatically in the last ten years.

Not All Multi-Vitamins Are Created Equal

Often supplements contain minerals in a form that is not easily absorbed by our body, meaning that they simply flush through.

You can easily check out your own supplement by looking for these words in the ingredients, especially with the minerals: sulfate, oxide, gluconate, chelate.

If your minerals are provided in the above forms, your body is not absorbing them at optimal rates. Our bodies work best when vitamins and minerals are packaged with organic compounds like fiber.

Oligofructose Will Give You More Energy

Well, not really, but when minerals and vitamins are combined with an oligofructose substrate (a type of fibre) they are more readily aborbable and make a real difference.

A year ago I was introduced to this multivitamin/mineral supplement and, for the first time in my 15 years in the health industry, I finally noticed when I took my supplements – and when I forgot.

Do you know what I mean? Have you ever just forgotten to take your morning supplement? And not noticed any difference? So you kind of fall off the wagon and suddenly it is six months later and you suddenly remember that you aren’t taking them any more.

These supplements are different. Though the results vary from person to person, depending on their weak areas, within a few days you might notice your digestive health has improved and your energy levels are up. Over time you might notice that your nails and hair look better and people keep commenting that they can’t believe how much energy you have.

More importantly, you might be pleasantly surprised when you visit your doctor for your annual physical and your bloodwork comes back in the optimal range.

If you would like to learn more about these vitamins – and try them risk-free for three months, please contact me for more information.

Aren’t you worth it?


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