Applied Kinesiology: Listen to Your Body

Applied Kinesiology: Listen to Your Body

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is an easily learned technique that allows the user to quickly ‘tune in’ to their body in any moment. Commonly, AK is used in decision-making and is thought to provide a mind-body connection where the mind is allowed to access the deep knowing and intuition of the body.

There are several different ways to do this, perhaps you have seen muscle testing done in a group setting with a straight arm strength or thumb-forefinger test.

My favourite method is what I call body rocking. Once ‘calibrated’ or trained your body will provide a quick feedback mechanism for any decision-making you need.

Stand with your feet about hip-width and your body relaxed. In your head, or out loud, emphatically say ‘No’ and then rock your body backwards. Return to center, and repeat with ‘Yes’. Continue to practice No and Yes until your body feels like it is ‘naturally’ moving.

Return to center. Make a simple true statement such as ‘My name is ______.’ Your body should rock forward. If this works, proceed to a simple false statement. Continue this process until you are confident in your body’s responses.

Now you can craft a statement to which you would like an answer from your body. An example could be, ‘Today it would be best for me to eat chicken.’ See which way your body rocks and then use this information in your decision making.

Intuition is a wonderful skill that is underdeveloped in most of us and AK is a great way to start tapping in and working those intuitive muscles.

If you cannot seem to get your body calibrated and your ‘No’s’ and ‘Yes’s’ are all askew, or backward, or weak, or you just go in circles, you may need a tune-up. This can be done with tuning forks or with the voice. To find out more about how to calibrate, you can contact me, or check out one of the useful references on the side.


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