On Death and Dying… and Living Authentically

On Death and Dying… and Living Authentically

This article is a fabulous reminder that when we are on our death beds we will regret the dreams we did not pursue and the love we did not share (especially with ourselves!).

My father passed away last month and it has been a huge wake-up call for me – crazy that I needed another one so soon – and hopefully this time I will learn.

  1. Have a good will and life insurance. Your family will thank you. And life insurance proceeds are not taxable – they are just about the only thing that isn't.
  2. Love yourself and care more about your own dreams than the 'shoulds' of the people around you – don't let them should on you.
  3. We all choose how we will react to what life provides – we get to choose whether we will joyously accept and compassionately contribute or wither away in shame, guilt, and striving.

I know that my life has taken some interesting turns over the last couple of years and there is no shortage of people who are willing to tell me what I should be doing. I find myself, more and more, thinking that it isn't important what they say but ever-so important what I feel.

Have I made mistakes? Yup. Am I glad that I've taken some massive risks and moved towards spiritual integrity with my own life?

Oh yes. Yes and yes and yes.

I wish the same for you – and that I can witness your blossoming into your authentic life.

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