Radical Self-Care with Reasons to Relax

Fiona Lawson – 

Reasons to Relax Mobile Spa

My client and friend, Fiona, was here the other day and I just had to tell you about the amazing service she offers to York Region residents (and maybe even a little bit beyond if you ask nicely!).

Why was she at my home, you might ask…

Well, let me tell you. She was here to give me a Customized Organic Facial. And it was heavenly.

I lost count at around 7 potions and lotions and magical elixirs that she smoothed over my face and neck and upper chest during our hour-long session while soft music played in the background.

I felt pampered and nourished and lusciously taken care of by Fiona's expert hands. After the treatment, my skin felt full and happy. 

Happy skin is a very good thing!

So I highly recommend you contact Fiona to get yourself some expert pampering – in the comfort of your own home… though you can go to her location in King if you'd like.

Fiona almost always has a special deal on and if you're looking for any last (very last!) minute gifts, or some radical self carecall Fiona and get it hooked up.

Her December deal is so good that I purchased enough to have a facial every month in 2014. Yummy!!

Affordable luxury and pampering like this just can't be beat.

So contact Fiona and get yourself or someone you love (or both of you!) some pampering. Her details are all right here.