Are You Ready to Clean Up Your Messes?

Well, the year is certainly ending with a bang for me! What about you? 

I was at the Hell Yeah! Star event with Suzanne Evans and Larry Wingett in Atlanta last weekend and it was intense. We were learning how to create a personality brand and I got triggered every which way.

Thankfully I have a great support team and some pretty kick-butt emotional resiliency thanks to the tools I use and I was able to move past the triggered state and get everything I could out of the content they delivered – while I ignored how they delivered it.

It reminded me that as a coach my job is not to be your best friend or coddle you but to hold the space of possibility and kick your butt when you don't step into it. I learned a lot of other things as well about who I want to be as a coach and a person and who I definitely don't want to be. Let's just say that their style is NOT my style.

But they did remind me that it is important to tell the truth when you are coaching. It's more important to care about my clients and their success than to be nice. Nice is the death knell of honest and powerful relationships.

So this issue is all about cleaning up your messes and I challenge you and cheer for you to step into some serious mess cleaning up action.

If you're ready to step into a life of passion, purpose, and joy, then you're ready for Sacred Physicality and I'm ready to support you on your journey. Need guidance and support to clean up your messes? I'm here for you.

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It's time to step up and become the powerful force of nature that you are meant to be.