A Healing Temple Meditation is Our Gift to You

A Healing Temple Meditation is Our Gift to You

I've taken a couple of weeks off to enjoy the beautiful winter weather and some quiet through the holidays and I trust that you are having a rejuvenating holiday season.

I'm curious though, have you been feeling a bit antsy? Personally, I've noticed that I've been a bit twitchy – like I'm in a skin that is just too tight for me. That I'm chafing at the boundaries of my current life. Hmm… what could it be?

Then I remembered that there's a big shift going on and it's affecting all of us. Now that the silliness around December 21st and the end of the world has calmed down we can talk about the real transformation that is taking place. It's time to release everything you no longer need and to start creating the resilience and power you need to live an authentic life. Are you ready?

It's time to take you life up a level. What have you been tolerating? Avoiding? Lying to yourself and others about?

What area of your life is in need of transformation?

What purpose are you being called toward? Do you know how to get there? What resources and support do you need?

It's time to start taking our lives seriously and 2013 is going to be a big year. That antsy-ness I've been feeling? It's fear and excitement about what's about to happen. Yikes! When life starts to speed up, it becomes even more important to stay grounded and centred.

Therefore, my holiday gift to you is a meditation I've created just for you. It will help to counter-act the stress that we create during the holidays and, more than that, will start to give you the resources you need to greet 2013 with compassion, care, and eagerness.

You can listen to it as part of our 'Create an Extraordinary Life Now Toolkit' which you get when you request our Special Report or join our ezine list

Enjoy!! And please let me know how it feels for you – just send me an email with your success.