The Best Way to Keep the Money Flowing is By Giving

Friday, 10:30am
From: Work/Life Balance Entrepreneur Coach Vanessa Long, Newmarket, Ontario.
To: Solo-preneurs, Small Business Owners, Heart-Centred Entrepreneurs, Purpose Seekers

The Best Way to Keep the Money Flowing…

… Is By Giving

Giving Generously and Giving Regularly

That's where tithing comes in.

According to ancient religious traditions, the first and best 10% of any crop or herd or manufactured good belongs to God. The Bible describes how these tithes would be taken to the temple and offered as thanks for the prosperity that had been received over the past season.

Good weather conditions. Advantageous business dealings. Successful births, marriages, and advancements of any kind were all seen as part of God's favour and giving back 10% was thought to ensure the flow of prosperity continued.

When God's people turned their backs on tithing and on the temple, the land suffered and so the people suffered as well.

A Drought in a Land of Plenty

In modern day spiritual traditions, money is recognized as a flow of energy and those who tithe have discovered that what you give comes back to you many times multiplied.

So what are we giving?

Sadly, surveys have shown that giving has dropped very low in 'advanced' societies such as ours.

In 2010, Statistics Canada tells us that while total donations in Canada were $10.6 billion and 94% of us donated, the median donation was only $123. This means that half of all donors gave less than $123 over the entire year.

Now I appreciate that 10% can be pretty intimidating but given that the median total income in Canada in 2010 was over $69K (thank you Stats Can!) this seems pretty appalling. Let's say that the median family paid 30% in income tax, bringing their income down to just over $48K…

Just 1% of that after-tax income would still be $483.

And we aren't even close to that.

If money is energy, we're literally choking off the flow of prosperity before it has a chance to touch our lives.

How can we change this? Do we want to?

Turning on the Tap of Prosperity

When we began, I simply decided that the only way to find out if this whole tithing-thing had anything to it was to bite the bullet and try it out.

I have to tell you that we didn't have the money. Not. At. All.

Every month was a struggle and we were sinking deeper into debt. We didn't have the money for 1%, let alone 10%. Yet everything I'd read said that it had to hurt – a bit. It had to be scary – at least a little. And it had to be significant.

So we struck a compromise. We decided to donate 5% of our after-tax income to charity and see what happened.

That first week we wrote the cheque I was 99% sure it was going to go horribly wrong and that our cheque was the beginning of the end for us financially.

But there was that small, little voice inside of me, that 1%, that said that the Universe would provide, that God would be there for us – that trust was required, and that faith was everything.

So we did it. Week after week we put our money where our faith was.

And I wish I could say that nothing happened. That it was all bull and that the Universe just doesn't work that way. But that would be far from the truth.

Instead, we started to watch the miracles roll in. Every month, something would happen that ensured we had the money to pay our bills and to tithe. And every month our financial situation has improved a little bit. 

Following guidance, I took the NLP trainings and trusted – I didn't have the money for them, not even close, but I committed to them anyway because they made my soul sing. And the clients appeared, the money appeared, and the prosperity has continued to magnify month after month.

It worked for me, what would it do for you?

Choosing Your Recipient

I believe that it doesn't matter what organization you donate to – as long as it is one that makes your heart happy.

Who has inspired you? What inspires you? Who could you help? Whose life could you change? Who has changed your life?

The amazing thing, the blessed thing, is that the money will be there when you need it when you live in the flow of prosperity. When you open your hands and allow your gratitude to flow, the Universe will guide that flow right back to you.

Maybe not from the same source, and usually not the same amount, but in such a way that you will know that it is just what you need when you need it and that it is divine.

Living your life in gratitude and flow means that miracles can happen in your life.

Could your life use a miracle?

Then check out the power of tithing – you'll be glad you did.

Start with 1% and grow from there. Let us know what shifts for you.