The Filing Cabinet It Is Over

And so it ends. *coughcough*

All that drama and brouhaha about that Filing Cabinet and the big challenge from my new Coach and the Unconscious Mind conversation [See it Here] and I *finally* went with my husband to check out a floor model at a furniture shop in the city.

I didn't love it.

It was 6 inches too short, had kind of a tacky paint job, and felt kind of flimsy. Not at all what I imagined it would be from the pictures.

I sat and I stared at it.

I wandered through the whole store and came back and sat and stared at it some more.

I locked and unlocked the drawer.

I *willed* myself to love it but all to no avail.

I knew that it would not bring me joy every darn day.

Not even close.

So I bought a different filing cabinet that my husband really liked.

Which is hilarious and I'm trying to figure out how to make it all his fault. wink emoticon
But the truth is, I *do* deserve beautiful things and while the filing cabinet looked sooooo beautiful in pictures it just didn't cut it in person.

The one we did get locks and will hold all our files and that is enough for now. It was also way on sale so that's $900 I was prepared to invest that has been freed up for something else.

Now I'm in the process of negotiating with my soul what it would like next, as soon as it recovers from the shock of not getting what it thought it wanted.
#‎thestruggleisreal 🙂 

Seriously, though, in a world where there is so much lack and poverty and desperate struggle, I totally get that my problems are very good problems to have and I am grateful for every blessing that is showering down into my life. And for community and support and most excellent coaching. 🙂

Sometimes, what we think we want turns out not to be what we really want after all.

When that happens, we still need to process and re-calibrate and decide where to aim next.

Because if we want to continue to manifest a life we love, we have to stay focused and flowing with power.

What are you excited about bringing in next?

Vanessa Long

Vanessa Long

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