The Truth About Shiny Happy People

The Truth About Shiny Happy People

In today's video blog post I expose the truth about shiny, happy people and look at what healthy people do instead. It's less than 90s long, you have that much time don't you? If you don't, we really need to talk.

There is so much pressure in our culture to be happy all the time. I mean, no one wants to hang around people who are sad all the time, but there must be some way to have a middle ground.

But first we have to do away with the myth that our goal is to be shiny, happy people all the time…

There are 3 main types of shiny, happy people that I've encountered:

1. The perfectly-put-together, tight-lipped smile, 'everything is just fine' person:

This person is the envy of everyone at their church. They always look good. Their make-up, hair and clothes all look great – all the time. They are always helping and are looked to for their wisdom about how they keep it all together. They saw 'sweetie' and 'honey' a lot.

These people remind me of Bilbo in 'Fellowship of the Ring' when he confesses to Gandalf that he feels 'thin, like butter spread across too much bread'. 

It physically hurts me to be around them they are wound so tight. I have to bubble and put up major energetic defenses. Here's what I've learned:

They're hiding something. They're holding on tightly to keep it from all falling apart. They were taught that they have to be perfect to be acceptable and they're just about at the end of their rope. They are major perfectionists.

Really, they're ticking time bombs and you don't want to be around when they go off.

2. The quiet-reserved-very-nice-until-I-lose-it-on-you rage balls:

I love working with rage clients. I really do.


Because they really do tend to be nice, under the rage. Once we've released the rage and they've learned proper anger management strategies they can feel the things they've wanted their whole life…

Peace and a quiet sense of joy.

Their families, friends, co-workers and innocent check-out clerks everywhere rejoice when this happens. 

3. The over-the-top-happy-that-refuse-to-admit-they-also-despair person:

These people bug me the most. They pretend to always be up. They put on a mask of joy even when there is despair that needs to be felt. They are so deep in denial that they judge anyone else who does not meet their standards of happiness.

Until they crash. And they always do. Our bodies are not designed to constantly be up. They just aren't. They are designed to feel everything fully. If we insist on always being up then our bodies just accumulate stress until they break.

Do you know any of the above three types? Do they sound familiar? Maybe intimately familiar?

If you recognize yourself or a loved one in any of the three types, you may be wondering one big question:

Is it possible to enjoy being human and having a full range of human emotions?


As soon as we stop judging ourselves and others, then we can be authentic, real, and at peace.

To do that, we have to let go of our 'stuff', or at least come to terms with the fact that every single one of us has stuff. Every. Single. One. And that's okay.

That's what being human is all about. We have stuff. We figure out what to do with it to create a life we love. That's what we do around here. We build lives we love without burning down the life we have now. 

It works. It's cool. And you get to be happy, and angry, and sad, and peaceful, and everything else that a full emotional range can bring.

Most of all, you get to feel what balance actually feels like. You get to be resilient. If you want to feel more of that, get started with us today. Download 'Create an Extraordinary Life Now', or request a Strategy Session to start moving into Sacred Physicality.

It's way more fun over here.

Let's see what happens when we decide to be honest and feel ALL of our emotions…

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