The Perils of Being Super-Busy

The Perils of Being Super-Busy

How has your 2015 started? I've been seeing on Facebook that it has been a hard start for a lot of people. In my own family we have lost 3 of our elders just in the last 5 weeks.

I believe that there is something truly shifting with the energy this year.

We are being called into our power in a deep, deep way.

The Divine simply will not tolerate us playing small and hiding any more.

Every place that we have been lying to ourselves about our magnificence is being exposed and called out.

It can be mighty uncomfortable.

For me, 2015 is feeling rather magical in it's power. There is Spirit afoot, for sure. And it can burn like a fire.

What does that look like?

Mostly it looks like the right stuff going wrong. And being stressful.

When I'm in my 'stuff' – I'm way deep. For instance, I went the whole month of January without writing to you or doing any of the business building that I would normally do. I felt disconnected and cocooned.

Do you ever feel that way in the winter?

And yet, January was also my busiest 'face-time' month in the history of my coaching business. I was working 1-on-1 with clients about 4 days per week. I was super-busy!

Let me repeat that because I want to dive into it: I was super-busy!

Wait! Before you cheer my good fortune I want to argue that I was actually sabotaged BY success and, in the long run, sabotaging my ability to live my purpose and help people and run my business on a big scale in a life I love.

What I wanted to talk about today was the perverted belief in our culture that being 'busy' means being successful.

Clients 4 days a week sounds like a dream for most healing professionals, doesn't it?

Yet, by the end of the month I was cranky and burning out. I didn't want to play anymore and I just wanted to sleep. Plus, I hadn't marketed my business or kept up with the behind-the-scenes tasks that keep my business running consistently.

I certainly hadn't planned my next big leap. And I wasn't happy.

Maybe you have found yourself in the same situation at some point. Where client after client shows up needing you NOW and you add hour upon hour to your schedule to service them all because they NEED you and you need to serve them and underneath ALL of this is this scarcity mentality running that there won't be enough time or enough money. And the truth is that what ends up being scarce is your soul and your energy. It's exhausting.

Now what?

Happily, I've come to a place in my own development where my body calls me out on my BS pretty quickly. If I'm not taking the time to ground and source and connect to Spirit then my body lets me know. Everything feels off when I'm that disconnected.

I don't like it and I won't tolerate it any more. Not once I have the awareness that something is 'off'.

As a result, I've put in place a new boundary and re-arranged my schedule to have a maximum of 2 client days per week and that feels much healthier in my body. It also looks much better for my business.

Once again I was reminded that we are ALL, always growing and learning. Be careful of the gurus who claim to have arrived – as long as we're in a human body we're still learning.

Here are two questions to ask: What am I using busy-ness to hide from?

What do I have to do that I don't want to do?

For me, it isn't about being busy any more – I actually hate being busy!

Instead, I intend to be balanced and profitable and purposeful and joyful and peaceful. None of those attributes have anything to do with 'busy'.

I'm happy to report that, more often than not, that is what I get to feel these days. And it feels great.

My challenge to you – and to me! – this year is to replace 'busy' with 'balance' and every workshop I'll be offering is going to focus on giving you the inspiration and tools to make it happen.

While we're all having ridiculous amounts of fun, of course.

You are so magnificent and you have a purpose. You are meant to shine your light to the world in a way that no one else can and it can't happen if you're busy. Come and play at one of my events – check them out here – and trade in your busy-shoes for beauty and balance and peace.

As always, it is my deepest pleasure to help you make it happen.

Vanessa Long

Vanessa Long

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