First, You Need Inner Peace

First, You Need Inner Peace

This summer I conducted a bit of an experiment on Facebook. During July and August I ran a paid ad set inviting people to 'Like' the Sacred Physicality page (you can do that here if you haven't already!).

Many wonderful women joined the Sacred Physicality tribe because of that ad run and I'm super-duper excited and grateful to have them here.

What is interesting to me right now though is that I created six ads with exactly the same text and chose 6 different photos to see what my peeps preferred.

So… what did you prefer?

This gorgeous meditating blond goddess was far and away your favourite.

Develop a Clear Vision of Your Purpose

Develop a Clear Vision of Your Purpose

Second was this peacefully slumbering brunette.

Create Inner Peace and Sleep Well

Create Inner Peace and Sleep Well

A fairly distant third was this picture of the happy young couple on the beach.

Create a Marriage You Love

Create a Marriage You Love

And dead last was the picture of this happy older couple relaxing on a bench.

Create a marriage that lasts and grows

What did we do wrong? Aren’t we happy enough? 🙂

I was surpised. Honestly, I was. Y'see, the big yummy man and I have a vision of ourselves in rocking chairs when we're old. We talk about it often, especially when things are tense.

I'll be all up in arms and talking smack, like, "This, THIS, is why I'm outta here!"

And BYM will be all, like, "Nope. Rocking chairs. You signed up for the long haul."

And I'll be, like, "Right. Let's fix this then." And then we do.

Our conversations are very mature. 🙂

So I was surprised that the photos of happy couples weren't what pulled everyone in.

Doesn't everyone want to grow old together, loved and supported by your wonderful, handsome spouse?

I mean, it called to some of you – but the vast majority of my new Likes came from the solitary woman getting some much needed meditation or sleep time.

Which makes sense.

We're tired and we're overwhelmed.

There's a lot to do and it's hard to imagine a happy 20 years from now when we're not sure if we'll make it through today and tomorrow.

Self-care and connection to self are the first relationship that I focus on in my work with clients.

After my client has learned to connect with her unconscious mind and find out what is going on in there (it's usually a whole heckuvalot!!) then we learn how to connect to Source.

I've learned that it's only after we start practicing radical self-care and nourishing ourselves that we have any space at all to learn and use skills and tools to improve our marriage relationships.

The good news is that improving your relationships is doable. There ARE skills and tools and resources and support to do that.

And I think it is also good news that you have to take care of your own balance and inner peace first.

If you just try to add 'marriage care' on top of everything else you are already doing you'll only end up bitter and frustrated and resentful. 

That's not good.

You have to create space by setting boundaries and embracing your own importance.

You matter too.

You really do.

That's why I'm so excited to share with you my first upcoming course of the Fall:

Good Girls Do: Stepping into Your Divine Feminine Destiny

If you're ready to get a clear vision of your purpose and embrace the freedom of your divine feminine nature then you'll want to be there.

It's okay, the happy couple on the bench will be waiting for you. Let's get you headed toward a life you love now.

Click this link to see more about Good Girls Do and we'll see you there!

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Vanessa Long

Vanessa Long

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