Invite Grace Into Your Morning

Invite Grace Into Your Morning

This is my favourite time of the day…

  • sitting quietly in the living room before everyone else wakes up – I am in 'my' spot and only the cats have noticed
  • soaking music is playing quietly in the background – it's a new cd I bought yesterday and I love it
  • the construction hasn't started outside
  • the fireplace is running and the sky is just beginning to lighten
  • I have a mug of hot tea – today it's Raspberry Emergen-C to stop the cold that took down the big, yummy man (BYM) this week
  • and I'm with you.

That's the best. 

What do you do to start your day in a grace-filled and peaceful way?

I know that, when I finish writing, I'll read a passage of Scripture (this morning is 2 Kings 8-10), meditate for at least 10 minutes to fill myself with the voice and energy of the Divine, and I'll also do morning pages.

Not necessarily in that order.

It takes a while and I know that not everyone can do it… or at least not everyone thinks they can do it.

I used to be one of them.

Five years ago I was waking up at 5 a.m. (actually, it was quarter to five but I set my clock ahead so I wouldn't have to see the 4:45 blinking at me) to go and see Personal Training clients.

I loved my clients and the early mornings, huge amounts of driving, and stress drove me into adrenal exhaustion.

Now I don't. I surrendered all of my clients – my body forced me to let go – and entered a space of transformation.

Back then I was forced to let go because of burnout.

Now I have a choice.

I step tenderly into transformation and pray that it will be joyful and gentle.

I pray that for you too.

(And, yes, I have replaced all the income and more.)

I don't get to do this every morning and certainly not every morning is perfectly peaceful – does that even exist outside of a retreat centre? – but I know that the mornings where I do get to do this turn into sacred, peace- and joy-filled days.

How can you start to create a pace of grace in your morning routine?

Is it possible to go to bed an hour earlier so you can wake up an hour earlier? 

Is it possible to shuffle the chores around so there isn't so much to do in the morning?

One of the things I've learned over the years (this was from Rich Dad author, and fabulously grump, Robert Kiyosaki) is that unsuccessful people meet a new opportunity and immediatly say: It can't be done.

Successful people learn to ask the magic question. The question that opens the infinite possibilities of the universe. Are you ready for it?

Here it is. The magic question:

How could this work?

That's it. It's that simple. Just have a chat with your Unconscious Mind,

'Hey! This looks neat. How could this work?'  

Then forget about it and wait. Wait to see what pops up. Wait to see what your dreams tell you. Wait to see what walks across your path.

Wait to see what miracles manifest.

Once you've accepted that it could work, then you're ready to ask the follow-up question:

How would this work?

If you want to get this process kick-started, please request a Strategy Session with me where we'll get clear on what you want, what's getting in the way, and HOW it might just be possible to bring it into reality.

And if you want to get it started NOW, please join us at Embrace the Power of Your Mind next weekend, here in Newmarket.

This 2-day event will change the way you work with your body and mind forever.

Really. It will.

Have a great Friday.

And remember,

'How would it look different tomorrow if I invited in a little more grace?'

You can do this.


Vanessa Long

Vanessa Long

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