5 Keys to Tremendous Taglines for Your Business and Your Life

5 Keys to Tremendous Taglines for Your Business and Your Life

In case you haven't run across these before, marketing taglines are the short summaries that companies use to promote themselves to potential customers. They range from pathetic to powerful and can draw your ideal customers to you when you get it just right.

They can also be a powerful statement that you use to motivate yourself when building your life of passion and purpose. Famous taglines include 'Just Do It' (Nike), 'You Deserve a Break Today' (McDonald's), and 'You're in Good Hands with Allstate' (Allstate).

If you're creating a tagline for life, what would you love to wake up saying each morning? What would quickly move you into alignment with your purpose? (If you don't know your purpose, you should check out Discovering Your Life Purpose. It can change everything.)

Here are 5 Keys to creating the right tagline for you, whether it's for your business or your life.

Key #1: Relevance

Make your tagline relevant for your audience. Stop trying to please everybody and take the time to figure out who your ideal customer is. And then market to them. What do they want more than anything else?

What do you have that satisfies that need? That's your unique selling proposition – the famed USP. If you need help with your USP or your niche, let us know and we'll you hook it up.

Key #2: Uniqueness

Differentiate yourself from the competition by offering that unique solution in your tagline. What makes you different? Avoid saying that you 'care', or that you 'work hard for your customers'. That is to be expected, not celebrated.

Never use these words: 'superior', 'innovative', or 'advanced'. They sound like fluff. Once you have your unique audience and your unique solution you are ready for Key #3.

Key #3: Memorable

Make your tagline memorable. Make it sizzle. What words can you use that will catch people's attention and imagination. Instead of 'help', how about 'sustain' or 'empower' or 'kick-start'?

The more you can do to have your tagline stand out, the more likely you'll be to draw your people to you. A copywriter can help you find just the right words.

Key #4: Testing

Check your tagline with people you can trust. Does it pass these three tests: Does it say what you do? Does it remove risk? Does it try too hard to be cute?

Change your tagline as much as you need to so that it easily rolls off your tongue and doesn't make you blush. It can help to practice in front of a mirror. Seriously.

Key #5: Refining

Once you have tried your fresh, new tagline out on people who know and love you – and therefore will hopefully be kind with your creative experimenting – take your tagline out into the world. If it's a business tagline, take it to a networking event and try it out.

You'll know that you have it nailed when the response to your tagline is, 'Wow, tell me more about that.' Make sure you have that response before you commit it to paper on your business cards and brochures. A poor tagline is worse than no tagline at all and will waste your precious time and money.

The world's largest corporations spend millions of dollars to create and promote their taglines – their money makes even a weak and generic tagline sticky.

For small business owners, our tagline needs to be less fluffy and more informative and persuasive. For instance, I could have a tagline that says 'Just Do It!' and it would apply to the change work I do, but it wouldn't distinguish me from any other Coaches or Personal Trainers… other than as the one who got sued by Nike for stealing their tagline.

The point is to put your value into your tagline and then live it.

If you are creating a life tagline, you need to ensure that you love it – and be ready for it to evolve and grow as you do.

Having some trouble imagining how to get started? No worries. Next time we'll look at 7 questions you can ask to help you develop your tagline.

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