Embracing Summer Ease

Well, it's definitely summer.

Not just on the calendar but I can feel it in the hot, hazy humidity and the desire to kick back with a glass of iced tea and read a trashy novel.

What does summer mean to you? Is it chaos with the kids at home or calm at the family cottage? Or a mix of both?

As for me, the eldest son graduates from high school on Thursday and is off to Guelph in the Fall for Mechanical Engineering. And the youngest graduated from Grade 8 on Monday. I think it's important that we mark successful milestones like these with a celebration – that's at the heart of my PARTY Goal Getting System™ and, I believe, the heart of a joyful life.

What could you celebrate, right now? How could you celebrate it?

Is summer a busy time for your business? Or a quieter time?

After a busy Spring training season I'm glad to have a few months of calmer times to focus on my Platinum clients while I prepare for the Fall.

I'm also thrilled to be taking a couple of quiet days next week to retreat to Loretto Maryholme up on the shores of Lake Simcoe. I'll be staying in a tiny little rustic cabin – but it has a killer view of the lake from a screened-in porch and the Divine moved in some pretty awe-inspiring ways to get me there. I'm thick, but even I can take a hint!

It feels perfect for some much needed soul restoration and sourcing.

How about you? What do you need to source and restore your body, mind, and soul?

Have an amazing Canada Day and a rockin' Fourth of July and kick off your summer with some heart-felt celebration and gratitude.

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