Goal Setting and Goal Getting That's a PARTY

In this issue we conclude our look at taglines – how to create them and how to make them sizzle. These seven questions will help you dive deeply into what makes you unique and what kind of value you deliver so make sure that your tagline reflects who you are and how you make the world a better place with your business and/or life.

This Friday is my newest webinar! We'll be taking a look at the biggest mistakes that people make when planning their business or their life and how to remedy them. Of course, if you're planning at all you're a step ahead of the 90% of the population that doesn't even bother to set goals.

Having been a dedicated goal-setter for the last 10 years, I can't even imagine living my life without them – and I wouldn't want to. Life is so much more fun when you live it on purpose. Once you get into Game Changing Goal Setting it really can be a PARTY.

If you want to be living a life that is full of passion and purpose, then you need to pay attention to your goals – and you should visit our sign-up page for this Friday's webinar – you'll be glad you did.

Have a great Hallowe'en next week and enjoy the beautiful fall colours.

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