Walsch: Raising the Vibration by taking the First Step

Walsch: Raising the Vibration by taking the First Step

Walsch finishes Part I of Tomorrow's GodTomorrow's God with a discussion of energy, vibration and our decision to move towards Mastery. If we are to change, he explains, we must first make the decision to move away from ignorance, and this decision, Walsch argues, is an "enormous first step" both for the individual soul and for the world "for it increases the speed and raises the frequency of the vibration of the Life Energy" (152).

In fact, because we are part of the All, everything that we do – everything! – has an immediate and profound impact on the All, especially "that part of It that is in close proximity to" us (153). This reminds me of Dr. Hawkins book, Power Versus ForcePower vs. Force, an excellent study on the impact that our thinking and feeling states have, not only on us, but on the whole. And, much like Walsch, Hawkins has us moving up the scale from shame to anger, courage to reason, and then on to compassion, love, and joy. One of his findings is that without people vibrating at the higher energy levels the world would self-destruct from the negative energies of those who cannot tell Truth from Fiction.

Walsch challenges us in this section to become Stewards.* And the first thing of which we must be Stewards is the Truth of Your Being. The Truth. To protect the Truth, speak that Truth, and live that Truth (154). Then we must be Stewards of Each Other, choosing to care for, guard, protect, help, guide and recognize Each Other. Then we will become Stewards of our Home, protecting and nurturing our precious little piece of the Universe (154).

We are also called to the higher consciousness of Love. We must become Love. We must become Life. We must become and express God consciousness (155). When we realize that we are all One we must model it in every choice and decision and action we make – in every moment of our lives (168). And the best way, according to Walsch, to model Oneness is through Service to Life Itself (179). Serve Life first, in everything you think and say and do. Ask yourself, "Is this thought life-enhancing or life-depleting?" (181). Hold it as your Intention** to serve, let it become an automatic process and move you towards Mastery and stewardship.

Walsch encourages us to begin our Service with Truth and Love, sharing these with everyone whom we meet (185). And letting our Intention transform us, changing our vibration and, well, saving the Earth.

*I bought the Earthsteward's HandbookEarthsteward's Handbook years ago. It is a great little book that contains suggestions for celebrations at the quarters and cross-quarters of the year and a way to mark the seasonal cycles of our Home.

**Wayne Dyer wrote a wonderful book on The Power of IntentionThe Power of Intention that deals with Intention, not as an act of Will, but as a Universal Force to which we can connect and with which we can flow towards our goals.

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