Walsch: Our Job

Walsch: Our Job

I left off yesterday wondering what it was that we were supposed to do to demonstrate our belief that we are separate from nothing – and hoping that NDW would clue us in so I wouldn't have to figure it out all by myself.

He advises us – oh! and I haven't mentioned this yet, but Tomorrow's GodTomorrow's God is written in the same style as the Conversations With GodThe Complete Conversations with God (CWG) series as a dialogue between Neale and 'God', so technically it is 'God' advising us – that we must allow the truth that nothing is separate to "see into [our] being at the deepest level" where it will become our "immediate response to every life encounter" (35). Also, to evangelize it – to share it with the world – and to do this as a collective. NDW adds a plug for Humanity's Team at this point – after all, that is its purpose.

Okay, but here is the cool part. How do we "convey" this message? Simply by living authentically. By living passionately. "Your message is your life, lived, Your gift is your Divine Self, expressed. Simply allow your Self to be expressed in you own unique way" (36). Awesome!

Because I just bought The Passion TestThe Passion Test, whose whole purpose is to help us figure out how to do just that – to live authentically. Terribly convenient, don't you think? And this leads to my favourite quote of the book so far.

Hold nothing back. Do not fear failure, and save nothing for later. Do not hide your light under a bushel, but let it so shine that all may see the wonder of you, thus to know the wonder of themselves. for others see their possibility in the reality of you. (36)

Wow! I am loving this. Interesting note about that bushel-reference though is that five years ago when I went to Sedona for a Soul Adventure (I totally recommend it) my Angel Guide (long story) told me she had an image of me hiding under a bushel basket and then it being blown off and away so that my light could shine. I wonder if she was reading this book at the time? Or is there a bigger reference here?*


Then there is a reference to the valuable tools contained in The New RevelationsThe New Revelations. I haven't read that one yet, though I might own it, but I will have to add it to the list.

Okay. Now I'm done with Chapter 3 and moving into a very long Chapter 4. Are you enjoying this?

* This is apparently a Biblical theme. As explained on about.com, Jesus uses a parable of hiding a candle under a bushel or under a bed to illuminate the idea that his Message is the Light and it needs to shine where it can be seen and not hidden (Mark 4:21).

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