Walsch: Four Levels of Consciousness

Walsch: Four Levels of Consciousness

Chapters Four to Eight of Tomorrow's GodTomorrow's God also cover the four levels of creation and consciousness. These are the subconscious, conscious, super-conscious and supra-conscious.

NDW details the push-pull that occurs between the subconscious (which pushes us away from the One towards individuation) and the supraconscious (which pulls us back towards the One) – where we experience the "integration of the Individuation with the Nondifferentiation" (43).

He also explains that to move upwards in consciousness we must first become "conscious of the fact that [we] have a 'consciousness'" (52). Two tools are provided to become more aware: The Who Meditation (52) and a Breathwork meditation (59). Using these tools on a regular and frequent basis will allow each of us to "come to an awareness that [we] ARE. [We] will become Self Conscious" (53). Once we are aware, we will be able to affect the world with everything we think, say, and do – but we will be able to do it consciously.

NDW discusses the two Pivotal Moments in evolution, the process of Change that Life goes through. The First Pivotal Moment occurs when a unit of Life becomes aware of itself as an individual, that is, something that is outside of unity consciousness. The Second Pivotal Moment occurs when that same unit of life realizes that it is also part of unity, and individual consciousness dissolves back into one-ness, this has been called nirvana. "Bliss is the natural state of being of all Life, and all Life Forms return to it. Highly evolved Life Forms move in and out of this State at will.

"Bliss is the highest vibration of energy that is possible. This is heaven. This is nirvana. This is reunification with the One. This is the End of the Cycle" (87).

This reminds me that I have fallen off the meditation wagon again and really, really have to get back to it. It is so simple, and so transforming and yet I find it anything but easy to sit quietly and focus on my breath for any length of time. But here it is again – this is the best way to increase my level of consciousness and awareness. Fine.

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