Vallée: Blasting Me With Channels

Vallée: Blasting Me With Channels

Have you ever read a book that just launched into information about which you knew almost nothing?

The Great ShiftThe Great Shift is one of those books for me. I bought it several months ago and was inspired to pull it off the shelf this weekend. I read my first couple chapters on Tuesday, beginning with the editor Martine Vallée's Introduction and diving into the section by Lee Carroll & Kyron.

The book is channeled, you see, the three channels are Lee Carroll, Tom Kenyon (who taught me sound healing in Seattle and whom I adore!), and Patricia Cori. They are channeling Kryon (Carroll), The Hathors and Mary Magdalen (Kenyon), and The High Council of Sirius (Cori). Other than Kenyon, the channels are new to me, and having begun the section by Kyron I am already wishing that they were not new but long-time friends, the information being shared is so interesting and important.

Kryon is discussing how we can communicate with our bodies to slow our aging process and explaining the importance of combining intention and meditation with action. The example is that it is all well to intend to have your body age more slowly and to meditate on your body being healthier but that unless you get your butt out there and start exercising your body will not believe you. How very, very true.

He is teaching that 'cellular communication' is built into the structure of our DNA and that the reason we only appear to use about 3% of our DNA is because the other 97% is involved with 'quantum field' effects that go beyond our ability to measure. Like I said, this stuff is really new to me so I'm not quite sure how to phrase it yet.

Here are the two things that are making me happy so far:
1) Last week I did a spread with Doreen Virtue's Messages from Your AngelsMessages from Your Angels deck and one of the cards I pulled was Indriel. Indriel's message is:


"You are a lightworker. God needs you to shine you Divine light and love – like an angel – upon the earth and all of its inhabitants"


I thought, 'Great! Except I don't really know what a lightworker is or what they do.' I checked out a couple of sites online but didn't receive satisfaction, then I was inspired to pull The Great ShiftThe Great Shift off the shelf, and here, in the first chapter, is Kryon talking about lightworkers and mentioning that he has been doing so for the past 19 years. Well, isn't that just a happy coincidence? I look forward to reading more of Kryon's work and finding out what it is I am supposed to be doing.

2) At the beginning of Chapter Two, Kryon discusses 'kinesiology' as a way to communicate with our body intelligence. I love Applied Kinesiology (AK) and wrote an article about it here on my website and it is also the methodology that Dr. David Hawkins used for 2 decades that culminated in the book Power vs ForcePower vs. Force, for me, one of the most important books of our time.

Channeled books are always a risk, they're a little, as Wayne Dyer says, 'woowoo!', a little out there. Yet, I have rarely read one and not been impressed by the clarity and logic with which they speak, even if it is about topics that blow my mind.



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