Rumi! Sacred Online Poetry

Rumi! Sacred Online Poetry

I just had this float across my Facebook from the wonderful people at Spirituality and Practice. They are partnering with the Threshold Society and The Mevlevi order of Sufis, to present a 7-week online course studying the transformative poetry of Rumi and led by Sufi elders.

"We are calling this retreat "The Journey of the Soul" because it focuses on the practical steps of the spiritual journey. It covers seven themes: The Call; Seeking; Mercy; Purity of Heart; Trust; Surrender in Love; and Oneness of Being."

My favourite book of Rumi's poetry is Forbidden RumiThe Forbidden Rumi,  and while I was going to suggest my favourite poem by Rumi, I quickly realized that I had no desire to judge the wonder of his poems.

So, instead, I randomly opened the book to page 99 and now am happy to share with you the poem I landed on.

Ahead of the Thought

If a thought comes into your mind,
think also its opposite,
for either one may come true.

Hesitation between two ideas may confuse you.
Opposing views may lead you to the truth.

See the end of the road
while you are still ahead of the thought.
How long will you waste time with words?

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