A Vivacious Body

A Vivacious Body

The first component of vivacious living is a strong, functional, and happy body.

Jim Rohn once said, "You have to treat your body like a temple. A temple! Not a woodshed."

It is much harder to accomplish our dreams when we feel sick all the time. And, quite often, our minds make it harder to be healthy, for instance, they invite us to stay in bed instead of working out. They remind us that we really prefer ice cream to salad.

Luckily, thanks to the mind-body connection, we have the ability to change our minds and bodies together and that is what Phase I Sacred Physicality focuses on. Your mind and body will heal together. For example, by developing better posture (body) you will also increase your confidence and self-esteem. At the same time, as your self-esteem increases, your posture will naturally improve. Phase I training will make sure that you are strong enough to maintain that great posture and love yourself enough to want to.

Meet Your Muscles is a series of articles that introduces you to several parts of your body that you may never have thought of – until you injured them. These articles are the nuts and bolts of your physical self and will help you develop awareness of every part of you.

A Disciplined Mind

Mind is the second of the three components we focus on. In order for you to
make any progress towards the life you want, you need to tame your mind.

Our mind is the most powerful tool we possess, it will manifest
anything we truly desire. Unfortunately, most of the time, our mind
does not free us, it keeps us imprisoned with ‘shoulds’ and ‘can’ts’.

To paraphrase Einstein, You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.

So, for your life to radically change, we need to radically change
your mind.

Together, we will do just that. We will liberate you, raising your sights to
the amazing potential you have and help you to dream a life you thought was beyond your reach.

To begin to better understand your mind, visit our articles on Meditation and check out our first e-book, 9 Ways to Experience Sacred Physicality Right Now!

A Joyfully Expressed Spirit

Finally, Sacred Physicality will help you express the true
intentions of your spirit and help you connect to Spirit, whatever that looks like for you.

Unlike the body and mind, your spirit does not need any improvement,
you just need to develop the confidence to listen to it, instead of the
negative tapes that play from your mind.

Spirit is also called intuition, and it communicates with us in many
ways: it is that ‘gut’ feeling you get when faced with an important
choice, it is the small voice inside that whispers you towards a path
of joy, and it is the realization that one choice makes you feel alive
while the other choice makes you feel less.

This is the step that makes it all worth while, you will not believe
it until you feel it. Unitl you sense the possibility and then feel the
flow of energy that comes with living a life of meaning and peak experiences.

Embrace Your Authentic Self!


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