What To Do When Your Purpose is Playing Hide and Seek

Thursday, 3:15 pm
From: Work/Life Balance Entrepreneur Coach Vanessa Long, Newmarket, Ontario.
To: Solo-preneurs, Small Business Owners, Heart-Centred Entrepreneurs, Purpose Seekers

What To Do When Your Purpose is
Playing Hide and Seek

Proven Strategies to Bring Your Purpose
Out of Hiding and Into the Light

When you're running as hard as you can just to stay on top of the chaos, it can be hard to spare a thought for your purpose – I totally get it. I spent many years just surviving instead of building a life of passion and purpose that I loved.

But no more. 

I've learned my lesson.

If I want to be happy. If I want to feel joy. If I want to see the light at the end of the tunnel, then I have to stay focused on my purpose.

And so do you.

Here's the thing:

There are infinite opportunities and paths we can take and if we don't have any criteria to discern what belongs in our life and what does not then we will be scattered and burned out.

Work-life balance only becomes possible when you learn what to say 'No!' to and where you can give a full-hearted 'Yes!' 

Use these strategies and start to find where your 'Yes!' has been hiding. They'll help you to bring more joy, peace, and passion into your life while you uncover your purpose.

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Strategy #1 – Look At Your Past

So many of us just wish that our past would disappear so we could finally enjoy today but it's here to stay. Instead of wishing that it would just disappear – which it won't – my suggestion is to mine it for gold.

Everything that has ever happened to you, every single thing – whether big or small – has made you who you are right now. And I believe that everything that has happened to you has happened to prepare you for your life purpose. Everything is important. Everything matters. 

It's time to get clear on what has happened and how it has helped you to become the person that you need to be to live your life of passion and purpose and help the world become the best that it can be.

The first strategy, therefore, is a mindset shift about your past.

Instead of telling yourself a story about how your past has victimized you and blaming everyone who has done you wrong, tell yourself a new story where everything that has happened to you HAD to happen FOR your highest good and your life purpose.

It isn't easy, but it will rock your world and give you far more power as you create a new life.

Strategy #2 – Check Your Body

Your body is your best clue when it comes to making decisions and you can use it to take you toward your purpose and away from the numbness and pain of self-sabotage.

Do you live in your body? Or do you live in your head? 

Most of us spend far too much time thinking and far too little time feeling.

I'm putting my hand up here because I lived most of my life this way. My body was kept numb with sugar and I only figured this pattern out when I was caregiving for my mother.

One day she made me so angry I wanted to scream. But I knew she was sick so I didn't want to scream at her – I knew it wasn't her fault. I felt angry and powerless and didn't know what to do. What did I do?

I marched myself into the kitchen and ate cookies until the rage went away. I am thankful for that day because it was such an obvious method of self-medication that even I couldn't ignore the pattern any more.

Does that sound familiar to anyone else out there? Have you ever used food, or alcohol, or drugs, or sex to medicate away the feelings you didn't know how to handle?

Is it any wonder that we spend our lives in our heads?

But it doesn't have to be this way. You can become friends with your body and your emotions – I have! – and revel in the feeling of feeling all of your emotions.

When you take steps toward your purpose, your body will feel lighter and more expansive.

When you take steps away from your purpose, your body will contract and feel heavy and closed.

Learn where you feel the difference and you have just tuned in to the most powerful purpose-detecting instrument.

Strategy #3 – Keep an Eye on the Future

One of the cornerstones of goal setting and planning is that we work from the future back to the present.

We start with a successful outcome and then take one step back at a time to come up with a plan that guarantees success – because we've already been there at success!

It can take some practice to really get into the groove of thinking backwards but it is very worthwhile.

Try it now with this life purpose exercise:

I want you to visualize your funeral. That's right – this round is over and you've done all you came here to do.

This is an important point so make sure you do it this way: You must envision that your life has been a grand success. You have accomplished everything that you wanted to do and you have finished your life a happy, healthy, satisfied and joyful human being.

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that you lived your life purpose while you were here.

You were fulfilled.

Now you can relax as you watch the final scene play out – you can listen as your most cherished people, people you may not even know now as the you that you are now, deliver your eulogy.

At your funeral, what will you want to hear them say? Write it down. Write it all down. What eulogy do you want to hear delivered after you have lived your life of passion and purpose? What did you accomplish? Who did you love? Who benefited from your existence? How?

Write it all down and then enjoy the feeling of knowing that this is totally possible for you. What can you do today to start you on the path to this successful end?

Congratulations! You now have three solid strategies for ensuring that whatever you decide to do it is leading you to your life purpose.

You do have a purpose and you can build a life of passion and purpose.

The world needs your gifts and your passion.

Let's make it happen!

Let me know about your successes: either email me or post it on our Facebook wall so we can all celebrate with you!


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