What It Means When ‘Everything’ is Going Wrong

(Part 2/3 of Passing Through the Nozzle)

In Part 1 of Passing Through the Nozzle we were talking about the need for change, our Comfort Zones, business, and comparing all of that to flow through a nozzle, as shown in this diagram:


We covered life in the green area (Stage 1), which we called our Comfort Zone. In the Green Zone, all is well… until we decide we want something new and start moving closer to the nozzle point and the edge of our Comfort Zone. We’ll pick up there…

Stage 2: Approaching the nozzle (lighter green):

You start to lose your feeling of expansiveness + freedom.

All your ‘stuff’ starts to get triggered.

You start to think what a bad idea this probably was.

Weird stuff happens – relationships, business, health – everything is wild and crazy as you get closer and closer to the nozzle. You notice more chaos in your world and, in short, you start to feel squeezed.

Remember: It gets tight and squeeze-y before it gets easy.

This is the most dangerous part of the process because it is where we often turn around and retreat back into our Comfort Zone – sometimes for days, sometimes for decades.

This is the moment that you have to trust and believe that you were meant for more – and reach out for as much support as you can handle. This is where the hand-holding and encouragement to just take one. more. step. makes the whole thing easier to take.

Stage 3: At the nozzle (yellow):


You have your melt-down. You wonder why on earth you ever thought it was a good idea to leave your Comfort Zone.

You stop and think, “I can’t do this anymore.”

This is absolutely where you need support, this is where a Coach is the most valuable thing you can have.

Why? Because when you start to freak out, I get excited. I hold the Vision of what is possible for you on the other side of the pressure, on the other side of the nozzle.

On the other side of your Comfort Zone. I see what is possible, what is inevitable for you, and I keep you pointed in that direction. I hold the Vision for you when you lose it.

I work with you to find resources, strength, and resilience that you never knew you had – or needed. I’ve walked through the nozzle with dozens of clients and I know how it goes, and how to make it as quick as possible so you get to where you want to be…

Stage 4: After the nozzle (orange):

You think, “Woah!! That was intense!” and the feeling of pressure starts to disappear.

Your new neurology starts to settle in and you start to re-create your world and make new choices.

We are never the same on the other side of the nozzle. 

You move faster, with more determination and grace.

You make decisions more quickly and that thing you wanted? You can taste it, it’s so close.

And then, Boom!, you’ve got it. You actually start to experience the rewards of your daring and bold move through the nozzle. Woohoo! This is where, as a Coach, I remind you of how awesome you are, how far you have come, and that you promised to take a vacation when you got here.

You start to have fun and feel peace.

Stage 5: Your new normal (red):

You are on fire – but in all the best ways. Your new normal is universes beyond where you used to be.

You are more connected, more confident, and having been through the nozzle once, you know you’ll be able to do it again… even if you don’t want to do it right away.

What used to be overwhelming and seemingly impossible now seems almost effortless and magical… until you catch a glimpse of what is waiting on the other side of the next nozzle and the whole process starts again. 😉

So… where are you now? Questions? Thoughts? Drop me a line and let me know.

(find out what happens next in Part 3/3 of Passing Through the Nozzle)



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