We Are Being Called Out Of Hiding

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Ooooohhh!! Ladies, there is something very cool happening. We are being called out of hiding, out of the dark places where we have thought we could pretend to be less than we are.

Please, please find the places where you are hiding and make a decision to clean it up, clean it out and get on with being the awesome shiny goddess you are meant to be. Let's all do this!! There's a resonance jump ahead…

"Well, I'm finally doing it: I'm cleaning the basement. It has been on my list of 'must do' for, ohhhh, like, 6 years, and it has only gotten worse. And now I know why I didn't want to do it…
There are dead people in my basement. People I thought I had put to rest are now popping back up through photos, files, heirlooms, and other assorted stuff that Jordon and I have just been burying in the basement. My mom and dad and grand-parents, Jordon's parents. All of them live on in our basement.

I was doing okay until I came across the cards from my mom's wallet. Would you believe it was the mundanity of her Bay and other shopping cards that did me in? I really was okay. Then it hit me again that no matter what I do she is never going to use those cards again – she'll never putter through Winner's or any of the stores that she used to love.

So, this weekend I'm hangin' with the dead people and if you happen to be with people you love (even if they bug the crap out of you most of the time), please make sure you give them a big hug and tell them how much you love them.

Vanessa Long

Vanessa Long

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