Recommended Resource: Eden Chiropractic

One of MY FAVOURITE Resources for A Healthy Body

Aches and pains, chronic systemic syndromes, as well as acute injuries and issues can make it hard to live a life of passion and purpose.

That's why I'm so happy to have Jaclyn and her team at Eden Chiropractic & Wellness so close at hand. She has massage therapists and a second chiropractor on staff so your care is assured. Their goal isn't just wellness, but what they like to call 'supreme wellness' – a state where mind, body, soul and your environment are all in harmony. 

Jaclyn really gets what it's like to deal with long-term issues that are hard to diagnose and even harder to live with and I have no hesitation in sending my clients to see her when they need help. Her acupuncture and chiropractic care is superb and she specializes in hormonal and cycle regulation as well as fertility care.

What I love most is that she won't let you get away with self-sabotage! She cares way too much about your health and success.

Give Eden Chiropractic & Wellness a 'Like' on Facebook and you can be rest assured that whether you need a tune-up or a full overhaul with your musculo-skeletal system and energetic channels, Jaclyn and her team have got your back.