Are you ready to experience radical self-care?

Hello and Welcome! It's great to be here with you again!

Last week was another successful Take Charge of Your Life…Now! workshop. Talk about intimate and powerful! There were just a few of us but we knocked it out of the park with powerful 'Aha!' moments and a commitment to get moving forward. Don't miss this powerful experience – there's just three more on the schedule.

Spring is the perfect time to commit to a new coaching program – you'll get the motivation and resources you need to make a big change and you'll get the support that will make all the difference.

This week's article starts a series on self-care, to make big leaps in your health and to keep you away from burnout.

The need came through loud and clear last night when we did the Wheel of Life. What was the lowest category for all involved? Physical.

As super-busy people, most of us just don't think that we have time to take care of ourselves properly. 

Well, we're going to flip that idea right on it's head. Today's article is all about the possibility of self-care.

I'm already starting to gear up for our first Problem Elimination Weekend. It'll be taking place June 14th – 16th (don't worry, I've given you lots of time for Father's Day!) and if you're ready to change then you'll want to be there to get launched with a dose of rocket fuel unlike anything you've experienced.

The easiest way to get started is to register for one of my upcoming teleseminars or events – I tend to offer wicked discounts and packages to the people who are committed enough to come out to an event! You can register here: Take Charge of Your Life…Now!