The Vault


All of it. All of the pre-2022 courses in the Vanessa Long catalogue.


Access to the full historic wealth of Vanessa’s courses and masterclasses.

Everything created between 2013 and 2021.

Everything in both the Life Vault and the Business Vault… and more.

Courses in the Vault include:

Discovering Your Passionate Purpose (the original course and meditations)

The Business Building Foundations

Divine Alignment

Relationship Foundations

Powerhouse Coaching Skills

Empower Your Goddess Voice

Energy Hygiene for Empaths

Values Level Mastery

The Seasons of Success: GROW, PLANT, and HARVEST

Creating a Powerful Pivot Point

… and so many more

plus, the PowerHouse Academy Trainings from 2020-2021

Get Vanessa in your ear with dozens of hours of trainings and watch your life and business soar.

Total Value: $9497