“Build your business
with the end in mind.”

Vanessa Long

No matter where you are in your business, you have two choices:

  1. You can continue to drown in the day-to-day details and grind, knowing that so much more is possible but never seeing it happen, or
  2. You can get up and out of the day-to-day and work strategically on your business to create the future that you’ve dreamed about.

The only time to build the life and business of your dreams is now and Vanessa is passionate about working with entrepreneurs to see it happen sooner rather than later.

One of the first Canadian-trained NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Trainers, Vanessa applies the most powerful communication tools and her Engineering and Ecology ‘systems’ brain to take a unique look at you and your business.

Starting with you, the Owner, Vanessa digs down and brings out the very best that you have to give. Getting you clear on your Mission (through her proprietary Discovering Your Passionate Purpose™ process) and the Value that your company brings to the marketplace will re-ignite your fires to do something amazing in, and for, the world.

An advocate for those with no voice for most of her adult life, Vanessa has been involved with environmental and social justice causes since University. She was a member of the York Region Children Aid’s Society Board and in 2011 and 2015 she ran in the federal elections as the Green Party Candidate in Newmarket-Aurora. She is a supporter of Amnesty International and the Council of Canadians and is an active supporter of poverty-reduction and anti-racism programs.

A strong believer in the power of business owners coming together to support each other, Vanessa was a long-time member of both the Business Women’s Networking Association (BWNA) and PRO. Since moving to Moncton in 2017 to live in her home by the sea, she has focused on serving her international clientele and building an online presence and network.

Vanessa specializes in working with closely-held businesses up to $15 million, guiding the Owner into systems that take operations and staff out of ‘chaos management’ mode and into smooth and predictable processes that allow the Owner to step back from the daily operations, take a vacation (real vacation!), and create a work-life balance that they didn’t believe was possible. Fast.

Vanessa’s Certifications and Education

(Because sometimes we need to know ALL the details.)

Traditional Education, Complementary Health,
Yoga, and Personal Training

  • 1996 – Bachelor of Applied Science – Chemical Engineering – Queen’s University
  • 1996 – Bachelor of Science – Biology – Queen’s University
  • 1997 – Reflexology Certification, Holt School of Healing
  • 2001 – American Council on Exercise (ACE) – Certified Personal Trainer
  • 2001 – Certification on Resist-A-Ball Education (C.O.R.E.)
  • 2001 – Canadian Physical Activity, Fitness, and Lifestyle Appraisal (CPAFLA)
    • Certified Fitness Consultant (CFC)
  • 2002 – WaterArt Fundamentals
  • 2002 – Canadian Fitness Professional (CANFITPRO)
    • Certified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist
  • 2002 – Body Training Systems – BodyFlow Instructor
  • 2004 – Licensed Level I Excelerator Lifestyle Coach
  • 2007 – Yoga Exercise Specialist, East to West Yoga
  • 2007 – Sound Healing Practitioner with Tom Kenyon
  • 2009 – Sacred Archetypes Consultant (CMED) with Caroline Myss

NLP, Full-Time Coaching, and Business Building

  • 2011 – American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP)
    • Board Approved NLP Trainer and Master Coach
    • Board Approved Training Institute for NLP
  • 2011 – Time Line Therapy® Association (TLTA)
    • Board Approved Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner
  • 2011 – American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH)
    • Board Approved Clinical Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner and Trainer
    • Board Approved Master Hypnotist
    • Board Approved Training Institute for Hypnotherapy
  • 2012 – Speak to Sell Bootcamp with Lisa Sasevich
  • 2012 – Magnetize Your Audience with Callan Rush
  • 2013 – Platinum Program Secrets with Elizabeth Purvis
  • 2013 – The Secret Energy of Money with Kendall Summerhawk
  • 2013 – Reiki Level 1 with Karen Armstrong, Inside-Out
  • 2014 – Income 180 Inner Circle with Nancy Roberts and Chris Kenney
  • 2014 – DISC Behavioural Profile Training with Nancy Roberts
  • 2014 – The Glory School with Patricia King
  • 2014 – Gottman Couple Therapy Level 1
  • 2014 – Reiki Level 2 with Karen Armstrong, Inside-Out
  • 2014 – Irresistible Online Messenger with Vrinda Normand
  • 2015 – Live & Luxurious with Gina DeVee
  • 2015 – Time Line Therapy® Association (TLTA)
    • Board Approved Trainer of Time Line Therapy ® Techniques
  • 2015 – American Board of NLP Coaching Division
    • Board Approved Trainer NLP Coaching
  • 2016 – Goddess Business School® with Elizabeth Purvis
  • 2017 – Sacred Money Archetypes™ Consultant with Kendall SummerHawk

Exit Planning for Established Business Owners
Who Want Their Life Back

  • 2017 – International Business Brokers Association (IBBA)
    • Introduction to Business Brokerage
  • 2017 – Business Enterprise Institute (BEI)
    • Exit Planning Fundamentals: Boot Camp for Advisors
  • 2018 – Success Principles Trainer with Jack Canfield

Gene Keys and Human Design,
The Blueprint for Your Life

  • 2020 – Gene Keys Activation Sequence with Richard Rudd
  • 2020 – Gene Keys Venus Sequence with Richard Rudd
  • 2021 – Gene Keys Pearl Sequence with Richard Rudd
  • 2021 – Discovering Your Passionate Purpose by Vanessa Long published
  • 2021 – Gene Keys Guide Certification with Richard Rudd
  • 2022 – Up-Level Your Business and Chart Reading Mastery with Randi Lee
  • 2022 – Quantum Money with Karen Curry Parker
  • 2022 – Quantum Alignment System with Karen Curry Parker
  • 2022 – Money Matrix and Human Design for Business with Taylor Eaton
  • 2022 – Human Design Gates Bootcamp with Katie Irvine
  • 2022 – Codes to Cash, Marketing Blueprint, Money By Design, and Financial Freedom Framework with Eden Carpenter
  • 2022 – Uhhuh Uhuh The Program for Gens and Mani Gens with Christy Avis