What to Do When the Stress is Too Much

Right now, a lot of my clients are dealing with HUGE loads. Y’know those times when everything seems to be happening at once and, while you are holding it together, all it takes is ONE. MORE. THING. to push you over the edge and into chaos and un-wellness.

One of my very favourite clients asked for ideas on how to support herself through this intense period and, since it has been coming up a lot, I thought you might appreciate it as well…

Whenever I’m asked about, or dealing with myself, an issue of ‘how to cope’, I always follow the same procedure.

S —> M —> E —> P

Spiritual —> Mental —> Emotional —> Physical

First, I look for what I can change on the non-physical planes because I know that the physical is a reflection of the non-physical. I am a Creator and so if there is something amuck on the physical plane it is 99% a reflection of something amuck in my mind.

The biggest thing that came to my mind when praying about this for you was this:


You don’t get to choose whether it is stress or not, that’s a sure thing. It’s an intense period with a lot going on.


(don’t we just love that word…) 😉

BUT, you DO get to choose whether this time represents EUSTRESS OR DISTRESS for you.

You DO get to choose whether this is a JOYFUL period of growth, surrender, and release OR a painful period of suffering and endurance and pain. A blessing OR a curse.

Your focus. Your mindset. Your choice.

The world would tell you that you are totally justified to be in distress. That there are so many things all happening at once and that you are justified to be miserable through the entire process.

How utterly mundane and boring…

What if, instead, you DECIDED, today, that this is probably one of the most amazing, fulfilling, exciting, stretching, and God-directed moments you’ve ever had and that you can surf along for the ride and watch what the Divine is doing in your world AS you co-create something perfect?

What if you surrendered the need to control?

What if you loosed the reins and allowed Heaven to do its thing?

So, in the beginning of dealing with this stress, it’s really a circle between Spiritual and Mental as you get your Minds right and get right with God.

What do you need to say?

What do you need to know?

What beliefs and pride and control do you need to surrender to shift this from a BURDEN to a PRIVILEGE?

What resentments do you need to release?

What expectations about the way it SHOULD be happening can you release?

Once you’ve got the S and the M in alignment…

Then you can deal with the emotions as they come up in the usual way: physical processing, journaling, TLT, prayer, etc.

Then, you need to support your physical Temple with increased doses of Vitamin C as well as loads of D and B vitamins and minerals to keep your body nutritionally supported. Lots of water. Lots of fiber. Lots of sleep. Gentle stretching and intense windsprints to get the stress chemical moving and out of you.

The regular requirements.

But, none of the physical or emotional supports will make one bit of difference if you are harbouring anywhere in your neurology the belief that you are a Victim in this situation instead of a joyful Creator.

You created your children.

You created your marriages.

You created your business.

You created your success.

You created your busy-ness.

You are a frickin’ creative force of nature.

And you are imbued with the Divine creative nature of God.

So you might as well decide to enjoy the ride. 🙂


Everything is unfolding perfectly in its time and place and
I surf the waves of love and creation.




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