Exit Planning for a Divinely Liberated, Profitable You

If the truth be told, changing the world is right up there with rolling naked in the piles of money you’d love to make from your business. But you also crave deep connection with those you love and yourself.

I’m Vanessa.
Business and Mission
And I teach women (and some very smart men) that Divine Liberation is utterly your RIGHT.

Divine Liberation is you owning your life and your business, instead of feeling like your business owns you. It’s you fully experiencing the life you desire, on a deep physical and emotional level.

It’s releasing past hurt and pains to allow you to move forward in a way that feels like home in your day-to-day life (and your skin!).

It’s also creating business systems that allow you to release the reins you’ve been holding onto for dear life so you can focus on yourself and your family, without losing a single dime or drowning in guilt and worry.

Entrepreneurs who take part in the programs I offer choose themselves, their businesses, AND their Missions. They learn that they don’t have to let go of one to have the other.

But what they have had to learn is how to manage themselves, their businesses, and their relationships in a way that feeds the deepest parts of their souls, their families, and their bank accounts, so their legacies live on long after them.

My job is to help you bring systems and structures into your life…

…plus a touch of magic, to change overwhelm and hustle into grace and power. Together, we seek out your BIG MISSION and strategize how to get you from chaos to control and cash.

It’s why business Owners like you come to me.

I use neuro-linguistic programming, coaching, and whatever else is needed to rewire the brains of my clients to help them gently shift into a space of peace and serenity in their bodies, their lives, and their businesses … sometimes for the first time ever.

The words we tell ourselves and the stories we live are the narratives that create our futures. By rewiring the past hurt and blocks, we set ourselves on a soulful journey to create something that truly makes us FEEL and feel ALIVE. It sets us free.

And it works.

I watch it unfold new tales of magic and Mission, every single day, as my amazing, powerful clients learn to weave freedom and JOY into every single thing they do.

They tell me they thought coaching was fluff and kind of pointless – until they sat down with me.

I bring a deep intuitive connection to the Divine, and faith that each of us is here for a reason – and that as soon as we get past our excuses and fears, our Mission can change the world.

I’ve had my whole world come crashing down. I’ve felt the pain of losing someone I love and falling into an abyss of uncertainty and grief. I’ve looked at my future and not known where to go next.

I’ve also felt the joy and passion of coming out of the dark with crazy amounts of commitment to my Purpose and Mission and the willingness to MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.

That’s why I’m not afraid of the dark. My clients are able to bring their deepest wounds and fears to me knowing I’ll never shrink or run away from stories of trauma and abuse and the deep, deep belief that they are unworthy or sinful or not good enough.

Why? Because I know it isn’t true.
Power and Purpose
I know you are amazing and that you are worthy and that you are here for a reason. I know that your wounds will never be bigger than your power and Purpose and I have a map to navigate that territory.

My work combines the ‘woo’ with the down-to-earth practical skills I learned in Engineering and NLP. I use the most powerful communication tools on the planet and my clients describe me as a frickin’ transformational force of nature.

You’ll learn to listen to the parts of yourself you didn’t even know you had: your Unconscious Mind, Higher Self, and your connection to the Divine.

Once we’re done, you won’t believe you went this long without having it.

My clients get monumental results, results that change their lives forever and in all the best ways. I am wickedly results-focused and I don’t mess around when it comes to your success. I am in it with you, every step of the way.

If you’re ready to learn to mentally take on everything your life and business hands you, then you’re ready for Divine Liberation.


Contact me today and let’s chat.

Let’s see how we can work together on your Self, your business, and your relationships, in ways that feed your soul, your family, and your bank accounts.







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